Free as a bird

Nipa had the pleasure of speaking with sculptor Pimpisa Tinpalit about her current exhibition, ‘Freedom & Captivity’ at Bangkok’s La Lanta gallery.

After moving to Australia seven years ago, Pimpisa Tinpalit’s work returns to her native Bangkok with ‘Freedom & Captivity’, her first solo show in her home town.

A sculptor with fourteen years of experience under her belt, Tinpalit’s work is usually inspired by her life, but she has diverged from this for ‘Freedom & Captivity’. Composed of twelve life-sized sculptures, the exhibition explores the roadblocks humans create for themselves that prevent them from achieving the things they want to do.

Passion in Feb by Pimpisa Tinpalit. Photo supplied by artist.

‘I think about the way humans have something they want to do, but create conditions that don’t make those things possible,’ she said.

This idea is represented by the proximity of human figures – which represent free will – to birds, which represent freedom. Tinpalit feels the life-sized scale of the sculptures helps the observer better connect with the ideas.

‘I feel like it’s more powerful when [the sculpture] is life-sized. It makes it easier for people to get the concept. They can touch it and makes people’s art experience more imaginative,’ she said.

This sense of freedom also seems to be coming forth in Thailand’s art scene, according Tinpalit. And she’s seen the transformation first hand as a teacher in a few Thai universities.

‘Young people are studying overseas and see more opportunity and see more of the world. They come back to Thailand and develop those ideas. Also, we have the internet. When I was an art student…we would get so excited when our professor would bring books back from overseas. We’d have to wait for the new book and see art from other countries.’

‘Nowadays we’re seeing big change. Good change. More contemporary styles rather than sticking to traditional Thai styles’.

‘Freedom & Captivity’ is showing at La Lanta until 21 October 2015.

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